A4988 vs DRV8825 Stepper Driver Boards Ramps 1.4

Product Code: Drv 8825 stepper motor driver
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1. Standard interfaces (as that of extruder)

2. Reserved GCI like I2C and RS232

3 MOSFET 3 MOSFET are applied to the heater/ fan and thermistor circuit.

4. Adding another 5A to protect the component parts.

5. An 11A fuse is added to the hotbed

6. Support 5 stepper drive board

7. The adoption of Pin Header as pololu makes it more convenient to repair or change.

8. I2C and SPI are reserved for expanding

9. All the MOSFET can be controlled by PWM

10. Use the interface of servo motor to adjust the level of printing platform automatically.

11. Adding a SD module for SD ramps module.

12. LED can indicate the status of the heater (the open and close of MOS).

13. 2 stepper motor for Z axis in parallel.

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