High Power Motor Driver Moduel

Product Code: BTN7971b/high-power motor drive module
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Module Features: 
1. Specifications:. 4.5*3.1cm 
2. Input voltage: 7.2V-20V 
3. Output current :0-68A 
4. Protection: Integrated reverse, optocoupler isolation circuit, microcontroller and effectively protect the safety circuit module. Prevent burnout. 
5. Leads 5 pin board (5V GND IN1 IN2). Convenient user self-test, and supporting the X128 test program. 
BTN 7971 Super motor drive module performance well beyond BTS7960 BTS7970 
Which, IN1, IN2 connected microcontroller PWM mouth, OUT1, OUT2 is connected to both ends of the motor module output, VCC, GND to 7.2V power supply, +5 V to 5V power input 
(For test modules, no formal connection to use)

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