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Arduino  JoyStick Module For Sensor Shield -1

On the principle, the control rod can be considered that it is organized  by the two potentiometer and a button


Two of the input value of potentiometer are respectively to show the user offset in the X and Y axis, and the type of offset is analogļ¼›the button is used to show whether the user push down button in the Z axis, its type is the digital quantity. Therefore the control rod contain a total of three input interface which are used to connect X, Y, and Z





When using, it can connect with Arduino sensor shield,and connect Arduino corresponding pins through Arduino sensor cables. In the example below, the X axes and Y axes are respectively link to the analog input A1 and A0 ,and Z axis is connected to the digital I/O 7 pin.








The corresponding code shown below :






int sensorPin = 5;
int value = 0;

void setup() {
  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  value = analogRead(0);
  Serial.print(value, DEC);

  value = analogRead(1);
  Serial.print(" | Y:");
  Serial.print(value, DEC);

  value = digitalRead(7);
  Serial.print(" | Z: ");
  Serial.println(value, DEC);


Referring Sample Code :

int JoyStick_X = 0; //x
int JoyStick_Y = 1; //y
int JoyStick_Z = 3; //key
void setup() 
  pinMode(JoyStick_X, INPUT); 
  pinMode(JoyStick_Y, INPUT); 
  pinMode(JoyStick_Z, INPUT); 
  Serial.begin(9600); // 9600 bps
void loop() 
      int x,y,z;
      Serial.print(x ,DEC);
      Serial.print(y ,DEC);
      Serial.println(z ,DEC);



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