RS232 to RS485 Communication Data Converter Adapter with a Terminal Board

Product Code: RS232 to RS485 converter
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  • Work environment:0 to 7O degree centigrade (485-C) , relative humidity: 5 percent to 95 percent.
  • Signals: RS-232: DCD(1), RXD(2),TXD(3),DTR(4), 5GND(5), DSR(6), RTS(7), CTS(8),RI(9).
  • DB9 Male connector: D-/B(1), D+/A(2), ---(3), ---(4), GND(5), + 5v~ + 12v(6), ---(7), ---(8), ---(9)
  • RS-485 terminal board: D+/A(1), D-/B(2), GND(3), + 5v~ + 12v(4).Transmission distance: RS485 max. 1200m, RS232 side max. 5m.
  • Weight: 72g ; Package Content: 1 X RS232 to RS485 Communication Converter with a terminal board.

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