Digital Multi-Function Wood Moisture Meter w/ Built-In Thermometer and Humidity Sensor.

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This digital wood moisture meter is by far the most multi-purpose wood moisture meter we have. It can be used in any environment as it comes equipped with high-quality rubber grip as well as a blue LCD back light. The sensor pins are of stainless steel and goes into any type of wood, very easily. The meter is more accurate than most and has an impressive accuracy of 2%, also the very specific measurements are displayed in resolution of 0.1%. If you are like us, we value efficiency but at the same time, we do our best to protect the environment, this meter is a very energy efficient and the best part is, it comes with an auto power-off function. If you happen to be a professional within this field, how about a moisture bar-display? well, it’s something most meters don’t have and having both digits and a bar display makes it a lot easier for you to read.We try to cater for both professionals and regular households but a digital wood moisture meter like this, anyone who is serious or interested in wood moisture should have it in their toolbox. All the functions available in this meter are suitable for a huge variety of usages and we don’t see why this wouldn’t serve as a generous gift to your family, friends, home inspectors, or even your good old janitor at work or school.


Black and Green

Product Size


Product Weight


Power Supply

2x 1.5V AAA Battery (not included)

Measuring Unit

% MC ; °C ; °F ; % RH

Measuring Range

0 – 60%


+/- 2%



Area of Use

Wood flooring, , fire wood, walls, ceilings, lumber.


12 Months

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