DT830D Digital Multimeter

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It comes with a fitted 9 V PP3 Pakko battery, so it is ready to be used. These batteries are very popular in Asia, as they are one of the best manufacturers of batteries. I remember buying one of these when I was on holiday and it lasted almost forever.

I tested the voltage measurements up to 20 V and found them to be accurate. The resistance measurements up to 2 MΩ were also good enough for hobby use. The signal generator function also worked fine. The transistor test function was also fine, and the diode test measured the forward voltage drop accurately!

The LCD is nice and clear and the segments are thick enough to be legible. The contrast appears to be much better than the earlier meters. It provides an HV symbol, and a negative symbol.

It has the CE mark; however, if I remember correctly, this is a self-certification logo and does not constitute any type of independent formal testing.

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